Tutor Support

Getting the most from education is easiest when you are taught by the best. That is why Oakwood Home Learning constantly seek to deliver quality support from supportive tutors on every course we offer.

Home learning does require a certain amount of time-planning and drive from the student. However, with a helpful member of our staff to help, you can progress through a qualification quickly and gain all the information you need to succeed. Our tutors don't just mark your work, they provide feedback, encouragement and advice to your throughout your time with us. All of this amounts to quality tuition from a qualified personal tutor so that we can succeed together!

Your personal tutor

Each of our students are assigned a personal tutor on their course at the beginning of their learning journey. This person will be your main point of contact  throughout your course. With their experience in the industry, your tutor will be a valuable source of information throughout your enrolment with Oakwood.

All of the assignments which you submit on your course will be marked by your tutor. We aim to give the most in-depth feedback possible and will offer tips and advice on where you can improve. Should you fail an assignment with Oakwood we will grant you several more attempts and give lots of analysis to show where you can improve your work to ensure that it meets the criteria for a passing grade.

Your tutor will:

  • Help you to understand the course materials and information that you may encounter
  • Mark all of your work and provide feedback and encouragement on your course
  • Offer advice and tips on where you can improve your work

You can submit your work to your tutor and have contact at any point on your course. This is done by emailing your tutor directly so that they can help.

Course advisors

Finding the right course to progress in your career can be difficult at times. Often there are a number of options available to students and it may be that you are unsure about the best course for you.

Our course advisors are there to help in this situation. You can call or email a course advisor who will have a great knowledge of the different courses, industries and awarding bodies on offer for you. Our advisors offer impartial advice at all times and are happy to explain things such as:

  • The best courses for different job roles and industries
  • The difference between certain qualifications
  • The most reputable awarding bodies for the industry you are working in

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