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Home study (distance learning) is an interesting and effective way to learn any new skill! Instead of struggling to attend lectures at set times in a classroom you can complete assignments and courses at your own pace over a number of months. This allows you to work from home, in your time and in a way that suits you- all of which results in a fantastic learning experience which gives you the best possible education.

Home Learning is simple

Getting started and progressing through a course from home is designed to be as easy as possible. With accredited and fully recognised qualifications on offer in a wide variety of disciplines, home learning suits every person and with great offers and instalment options, it suits every pocket as well! You can get started on a course with Oakwood Home Learning for as little as £49, get your course materials sent to you first class in the same day and then begin progressing through your course at your own pace with quality tutor support.

There are so many advantages of distance learning which is why it’s become so popular!

These are just a few -

  • No set deadlines
  • Work at your own speed
  • Work from home
  • Tutors there at all times to help and guide you
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Recognised qualifications

None of the drama

Learning from home is so much easier than going to a local college or institute. You don't have to travel, you can study whenever you like and contact your tutor when you need assistance. Many people don't manage to get the grades they are capable of at school or college due to needing a more personal touch. Being embarrassed to ask questions and get help in front of 30 or so other students is very common- but with home learning you can get the most from your course and work in a way that lets you get the most from your studies.

Studying from home lets you work efficiently without having to travel. This means all of your time can be focused on the important thing- learning the materials and gaining new skills. You can save hours on travelling and focus all of your efforts on progressing through the course to get accredited as soon as possible.

The quality mark in distance learning

Oakwood Home Learning have a wide range of different courses for you to study. With different levels of study there’s something for everyone.

There are many reasons to study with a distance course-

  • Change career track by getting specific qualifications
  • Train to a higher level in order to get a promotion and job security
  • Advance in your current job
  • Obtain qualifications relevant to further education at University
  • Understand a particular subject to a much deeper level
  • Become proficient in a new skill or craft

All the while, you’d still be able to work and carry on with other commitments while scheduling your study time around your own schedule.

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